In my post today I want to speak on the topic of donation – a noble deed, which is becoming more and more popular in our country. It is no coincidence that this happens precisely at a time of severe economic crisis. Bulgarians are increasingly donating, because they are humane and compassionate – and they express it by giving to others.Fortunately, even though the times are difficult,we still have our hearts.
Surely you’ve noticed those who seek help through donations. They are everywhere – they stop us on the street, they knock on our doors at home or in the office.There are, however, organized fundraising campaigns. I think that this is a much better way to collect donations. Some of them are TV campaigns, concerts, auctions,etc.This way people see where their
money goes and receive a lot more information about the given cause or person that needs help.
The problem is that there are also many people who “fake” that they need something. We all know that they exist and they are so many that it is quite easy mistake the one who needs and the one who fakes it. Even if you want to donate (and I mean to actually help) –you do not know where and how.
I am becoming more and more convinced that in order to help you really need to go to a children institution, for example, and buy the children clothes for instance, so that the money are not used in some other way. Another way is to meet the person in need, acknowledge the case very well and then if everything is fine – to donate whatever you decide, or to use the help of a committed foundation which you trust.
An example from the last days is Svetoslav Kantardjiev, who donated to a foster home for children, that cares for the most vulnerable. I guess he was sure that the money will be used conscientiously, because he donated with the help of the „For our children” foundation, which has been working correctly for more than two decades in Bulgaria and has truly helped to a lot of children.
I also donate sometimes – I try to help old people I know or families in difficulty. It makes me feel better too and it is not an act of self-sacrifice.
I’d love to know your opinion and experiences on the topic of donations.